DIY Coffered Ceiling

Great project that was low cost but high impact.  It was a simple project that just took some time.  You can do it!


  1. 2×4 cut into 6″ pieces (nailing blocks)
  2. 5 1/4″ caped base molding (installed upside down)
  3. standard crown molding
  4. 1×4 MDF stock (bottom cap)


We laid out the pattern we wanted (number of boxes on the ceiling) and snapped chalk lines.  We then screwed and glued 2x4s cut into approx. 6″ inch pieces onto the chalk lines.  These were used as nailing blocks for the trim.



We then nailed the 5 1/4″ caped base molding (upside down) onto the nailing blocks.  

 DSCN0615 copyDSCN0622

We then added the crown molding.  (This is a good time to hide speaker wire for a surround sound system – before you button it up with the bottom plate).

DSCN0666 DSCN0669

We then added the bottom plate from 1×4 stock MDF ( pic..not sure why).

Caulk, paint and enjoy.

Next came the board and batten, but that is a different story….



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